What You Need to Know to Strip and Wax a Floor

Strip a floorHow to Strip and Wax a Floor?

Your floors are in bad shape and you want to know how to strip and wax a floor.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get being in the janitorial industry.

So what does it really take to strip and wax a floor?

Many people who are looking to get their floors in shape really don’t know the procedures involved. They think you can simply spread some stripper down, clean it up and apply the floor finish.

That is about as far from what it takes as one can get. If you want your floors looking their best, you have to know how to strip and wax a floor. It’s not as hard as one may think but you do need to know the procedures.

Before you even get started you need to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies to do the job.

When you strip and wax a floor there are a few specific products you must have to achieve the best results.

You will need the following equipment: Dust mop, several cotton or blend mops, finish mops, a mop bucket, and some clean trash bags, a slow speed floor machine, some black stripping pads and a wet/dry vacuum.

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Chemicals you will need are: Floor stripper, nutra-rinse, a good sealer and floor finish.

Let’s Get Started

The first step to strip and wax a floor is to dust mop or sweep it in order to clean up any loose dirt.

Next you will need floor stripper.

Choose a product that only takes one application like the Hillyard Devastator. You mix this in your mop bucket according to the directions on the label.

Apply the mixture in liberal amounts to your floor using one of the cotton or blend mops. Be sure you only work small areas at a time.

A couple mistakes people make when they strip and wax a floor is to not apply enough stripper allowing the floor to dry which means it will be harder to rinse clean.

Once you have the stripper on the floor, let it stand a few minutes allowing it to work and emulsify the wax.

Floor Machine

Let Your Floor Machine Work

Next take your floor machine with a black strip pad scrub the area with the stripper. Once you have it all scrubbed, use your wet/dry vacuum to pick up the bulk of the loosened wax and stripper.

Continue this process until the entire floor has been stripped.

Using another clean cotton or blend mop, rinse the entire floor with a neutral rinse. This will insure the seal and floor finish will adhere to the tile without flaking or peeling. Again, follow the directions on the label.

Once the floor has been prepped, you are ready to apply the floor sealer. The sealer we recommend is the Hillyard 341 which is in the Hillyard Clean Assist product group.

Many do not see this as a necessary step but if you do apply sealer, your floor will look and last much longer.

To apply the sealer you will need to line the inside of your mop bucket with a clean trash bag. Pour the sealer into the bucket and dip your finish mop in saturating it completely. Apply the sealer using your finish mop which can be nylon or rayon.

For the best results, apply two coats allowing drying time between each coat.

waxed floor

The next step is to apply your floor finish.

The process for this is the same as applying the sealer. You will need a minimum of four coats of finish to see the best results. This will also give you a greater depth of shine.

Be sure you allow plenty of time between coats allowing the finish to completely dry.

It may be necessary to apply only two or three coats and come back the next day to apply the rest.

If you follow these procedures when you strip and wax a floor you will have a floor that you can be proud of and people will notice how great it looks as they enter your home or facility.

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