What Can I Do About the Smelly Drain in My Floor?

smelly drainThere’s nothing more foul smelling in a building than a smelly drain. I’m sure you have experienced this yourself at one time or another.

And you know first-hand a smelly drain is one of the worst problems you can have or experience. If you have ever had this problem, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

From kitchen floor drains to the smelly drain in the restrooms, when they stink, they stink. If it is your drain then all you want to know is how you can get rid of that foul drain odor.

The Smelly Drain Odors

I once walked into a restroom that appeared clean but the foul odor would knock you down faster than a taser gun. I mean it was bad. So I asked the manager of the facility if he ever got complaints of the smell leaching into the air coming from his smelly drain. I knew he must have and he confirmed.


The Problem

After asking a few questions about his cleaning procedures, I found out that he was pouring his dirty, stinky, mop water down the drain each day without further flushing. Ah-ha, problem identified.

I went on to explain to him that he should do a couple things that would eliminate his smelly drain taser effect.

take down

The Solution

Since the drain was not clogged up, this is what I recommended. Once the cleaning crew was finished and the dirty mop water poured down the drain, they should flush it with clean water. This will help to insure all the stinky water and disinfectants are removed from the drain.

I went on to explain that in order to maintain a clean and free flowing drain, he should use a product that would digest the gunk that is left behind.

I further let him know the importance of rinsing with clean water. Any disinfectants lingering in his smelly drain would counteract the enzyme product that he should use in keeping the drain clear and free of the foul odor.

Problem Solved

After a few days of following my advice, the foul odor of the smelly drain was cleared up. The manager was happy and I’m quite certain his customers were as well.

There are several products to maintain drains and keep the odors down. Depending on whether your floor drain is in a kitchen or restroom will determine which product you should use.

A smelly drain doesn’t have to be an issue ever again as long as you understand and use the right products and follow the correct procedures.

Your Turn

Tell us about your smelly drain experiences.

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3 comments on “What Can I Do About the Smelly Drain in My Floor?

  1. A commercial janitorial supply will have a concentrated Lemon Deodorizer to pour in the drain.
    Pour down the sides of pipe and down the middle, according to directions. Let sit (Dry INSIDE FOR RESIDUAL ODOR CONTROL), or follow instructions if flushing is indicated.

    Queen of Clean

  2. Keep a screen over the drain, so larger particles don’t ferment inside. Garbage in, garbage down, stink up !!!

    Queen of Clean

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